In other baseball related news

If you don’t check my site more than once a month, you haven’t noticed the disgusting lack of new posts on any sort of consistent basis.  What was once a daily updated site became three times a week… became twice a week… became weekly… became sometimes, maybe.

Turns out, the “Hey, this isn’t as time consuming as everyone said it’d be!” mentality that I had towards the initial months of parenthood was WAY off – parenting is most definitely time consuming.

But at heart, I enjoy writing.  I will continue to update The Priceless Pursuit on occasion, but in the mean time, you can find my work somewhere else:  The Dugout Doctors.  I expect to contribute to this site much more frequently, so click my link incessantly.  All the time.  20 times a day.

My personal blog on the page can be found here.

I won’t copy/paste the entire articles here, because that’d keep hit counts low, don’t ya know, but my first piece is about stats sucking.  No, not the ‘traditional’ categories like wins and losses, but rather all of the new garbage that is too convoluted (and time consuming) to understand.

Go check it out.

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2 Responses

  1. Good to know. Glad to hear from you dude! Got more cards for you too…

  2. Sweet article…

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